1. What is Online Learning Platform?

The Standard Chartered “Online Learning Platform” has been designed specifically for women-led business entrepreneurs. Standard Chartered Bangladesh wants to women entrepreneurs wants to support he female-led businesses with the knowledge of business management.

2. Who can use Online Learning Platform?

Anyone can use the platform by completing the sign up/registration form. After the sign up is completed, registered users can log in using their credentials and enroll in the courses. Courses are free for all.

3. What courses are available on Online Learning Platform?

Online Learning Platform is currently offering 7 courses:

  1. Business Model Design
  2. Business Law
  3. Fund Raising
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Branding & Marketing
  6. B2B Sales & Networking
  7. Pricing, Negotiations & Quality Control

4. What is the benefit of doing the courses in Online Learning Platform?

Online Learning Platform aims to provide women entrepreneurs with the basics of business management.

Upon successful completion of the courses in Online Learning Platform and passing the respective module’s quizzes, users will be able to achieve a Certificate of Recognition from the platform and verified by Standard Chartered.

5. How do I register for the platform?

Users must first register their account by going to stanchartentrepreneurship.com and fill up the registration form. After filling up the registration form, users will receive a verification email in their registered email address with a code which they will have to input on the website to complete their registration. Once the verification is complete, users will be able to log in using their credentials.

6. How do I log in to the platform?

Users can log in to the platform by clicking the log in button

7. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Simply click on the “Forgot Password” link below the login form and follow the steps shown on screen to reset your password.

8. Will I have to pay to register for the platform?

No, registration for the platform is fully free.

9. How much will it cost to enroll in the courses?

All the courses are free.

10. Is there any app for Online Learning Platform?

No, we don’t have any app (Android or iOS) for the platform yet.

11. How can I share question / queries on Online Learning Platform?

Users can email their question / queries at: [email protected]